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Dreamweaver CS or Creative Cloud

Dreamweaver has been around since the mid '90s, and is the industry standard app for creating websites visually. Dreamweaver makes designing a website about as easy as it can be, while still offering more experienced users access to the source code for finer control. Over the years, Dreamweaver has added many features such as the ability to work with dynamic data, good CSS support, better integration with Photoshop and Fireworks and more.

Lessons and Training

As a professional web designer with over 17 years experience using Dreamweaver to design websites,  I have a broad range of skills to share. Many types of people including graphic designers, artists, web designers, students and business professionals have greatly improved their understanding of Dreamweaver through of our lessons. We will focus on your needs and the way you need to use Dreamweaver for your particular work. If you are just getting started or feel you have some gaps in your knowledge, I will help you with the fundamentals and help you round off your skills. If you already know what you need, I will help answer your questions and get you past your hurdles.

Topics can include but aren't limited to:

  • Beginner to Advanced
  • Learning and customizing the workspace
  • Learning the tools and pallets
  • Using a template
  • Working with CSS
  • Formatting text
  • Creating/modifying links
  • Navigation bars
  • Layout using CSS
  • Floats, absolute, relative and fixed position
  • The browser differences, their bugs and solutions
  • Creating web graphics in Photoshop or Fireworks
  • Inserting images, video, audio and Flash
  • Behaviors
  • Templates and libraries
  • Working with code: html5, css3, jquery, PHP
  • Working with Dreamweaver's dynamic server behaviors to create secure logins, blogs, events calendars, guestbooks and more
  • Using Dreamweaver extensions
  • Implementing free javascripts, php scripts and more (galleries, effects, news tickers, lightbox, shopping carts, forums, ad rotaters, Paypal, etc.)
  • Working with Contribute to allow clients to make updates
  • Using Dreamweaver to design sites for the Joomla content management system.
  • Mocking up and slicing a website in Photoshop or Fireworks for use in Dreamweaver (quick and dirty method or proper CSS web standards approach).
  • Lots of real world techniques, tips and tricks
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Adobe Bridge
  • Lots more!

For pricing and more information, see Lessons and Training.

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