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There are many ways you can choose to learn. Classes, workshops, private training, books, video training, etc. The best thing about private training, is that the lessons will be customized exactly to your needs. While certain fundamentals are important, we can prioritize your interests if you wish, and we will go at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Private lessons are also a great way to go when time is an issue. They are comparable or less expensive in price to workshops and let you cover a lot more ground in a much shorter time than you could by taking courses at a design school or community college. If you prefer a very predetermined way of learning, workshops can be good. But again, workshops are expensive and aren't tailored to your needs. You also end up having to take many different courses (like Photoshop I, II and III, Dreamweaver I, II and III, etc.). In private lessons since everything is allowed to overlap...this can end up saving substantial time.

Perhaps best of all, you will be learning from a teacher with over 14 years of real world experience, not just someone who is good at passing on information they've read somewhere. That is unfortunately a problem with many computer books and sometimes even with teachers at expensive graphic design schools. For example, there are usually several ways to do something, but which way is best? I think you will find the experienced advice and workflow tips you will receive well worth the investment.

If you are in the North Bay (Sonoma/Marin), San Francisco, or the Berkeley area and looking for a tutor, check out the Lessons and Training page for more information. If you aren't in my area, you might try the yellow pages or your local Craig's List.

Best of luck!

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