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Anyone is welcome to use the forum, but in order to post you will need to register an account. Once you've registered and confirmed by clicking on the link sent to you in an email, you can start posting. I will do my best to help and answer your questions, but sometimes I get busy. I will always give priority to my customers. Please help others when you get a chance. That will help make the forum more useful to us all.

Your forum profile is integrated with your account at If you choose "edit account" from the sidebar, you may set your forum preferences and create a signature if you desire. You can choose an avatar from the gallery or upload a personal one. On your main profile/account page in the "Forum" tab, you will find your latest postings, as well as subscriptions and favorites.

You may also view other user's profiles by clicking on their "profile" link in each posting. You must be logged in to view profiles.

Private Messenging (PM)
If you have an account, you may PM other registered users in the forum. You will see a small link that says "PM" under a user's avatar. You must be logged in to send PMs. See Private Messenging below for more info.

Posting Comments at the Blog

Posting comments is easy and you don't need an account. Just scroll to the bottom of an article, fill in the fields. You must at least add a title and a comment. If you'd like to be notified via email when other users post, you may choose "notify" from the dropdown menu. If not, then just leave it alone. A valid email is neccesary if you want to be notified of course. Your email will never be publsihed or shared with any 3rd parties.

RSS feed of comments
You may subsribe to the comments of a particular article via RSS. Most modern browsers (IE 7+, Firefox, etc.) have built-in RSS readers. In those, you only need to click the RSS button. If you have an older brower you can use any RSS feedreader program.

Private Messenging (PM) has a private messaging system so users can communicate with each other. Each user has an Inbox where messages are stored and new messages can be composed. To access your inbox, just click on "Private Messsges" in the side bar. You must be logged in for this to appear.

There are a number of ways to PM another user. You can click "Compose" from your Inbox. On your right, you will find a drop down box called "Users" which lists all users (if they haven't blocked you). Below that is one called "Friends" which contains a list of your Friends.

Recource Directory

The resource directory is a set of handpicked links relating to graphic design for both print and web that I've been accumulating for many years. I think you will find this very helpful. If you have a site and would like to exchange links, you may choose "Exchange Links" to submit your site for approval. You may also suggest a site by choosing "Recommend" and we will consider it.

To get to the resources section, choose Services -> Resources from the menu at the top.

RSS Feeds

An RSS feed is a way to keep up to date with another website. There are three places to subscribe to RSS feeds at You can subscribe to the blog either from the home page or any of the blog pages. Just look a the upper left corner of the screen (in the blue are) and click on the RSS button. You can also subscibe to the comments feed of any particular blog article. You'll see a link in the comments form for that. Lastly, you can subscribe to the forum. The orage RSS icon for the forum is located at the bottom right.


Registering is where the fun begins. In order to post on the forums, you'll need to register (but unregistered users can post comments in the blog). All users who register are given a profile. Only other registered users can see your profile, but none of your personal information will be visible. Each person's profile has their general statistics like forum postings and blog comments. If you like, you can post a picture (or use an avatar from our gallery), list your website, etc. Like Facebook or Myspace, you can make friends with other users and your friends will be listed in your profile. As a registered user, you will be able to send private messages to other registered users. So in other words, we have a lot of tools for getting to know each other to form collaborations and comradships. Register now!

Help with your Account

Please see account help for information on using your account and profile. You need to be registered and logged in to view this page. When you're logged in, just choose help from the sidebar on the right.

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